How to get to Plaisance

Plaisance is situated approximately 125 kms North East of Toulouse. The GPS co-ordinates for Plaisance are 02⁰32’49”E and 43⁰55’37”N. The well known medieval town of Albi is on the route between Toulouse and Plaisance, approximately 40 kms from Plaisance. The closest airports to Plaisance are at Rodez (80 km), Carcassonne (133 km), Beziers (124 km) and Toulouse (125 km). London, Madrid, Paris and Frankfurt are some of the major cities with connecting flights to Toulouse.

It is also possible to arrive in Toulouse via TGV from Paris or other cities. The traveling time on the TGV from Paris to Toulouse is between 5.5 hours and 7.5 hours. The cost of the TGV varies between approximately Euro 50 and approximately Euro 120 each way. Cheaper tickets may be available through certain discount sites.
The most convenient and cost effective way to travel to Plaisance from any of the above airports is to hire a car and drive directly to Les Magnolias. The driving time between Toulouse and Plaisance is approximately 1.5 hours.
Groups of up to 30 people with bicycles can be picked up from any of the above points, this is easily arranged through Claudia. In this instance it is still advisable for some group members to hire cars to allow flexibility and independence when visiting nearby villages like Albi or Cordes from Plaisance during the stay.
It is also possible to travel to Albi or Plaisance by bus from Toulouse. The bus stops at Albi and St Sernin, just 8 kms from Plaisance, where transport from the hotel is easily arranged.

Trasport Contact Information

Toulouse Blagnac Airport

Situated 8 kms North West Of Toulouse
BP 90103, 31703 Blagnac Cédex,
France Airport Number: +33 170 46 7474
Info Desk: +33 561 42 4400
Airport Website:

Toulouse Matabiau Train Station
64 boulevard Pierre Sémard
31000 Toulouse

SNCF Information
Tel : +33(0)8 36 35 35 35
Station Website:
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