Not Just Cycling at Cycling Magnolias – the best Canoeing in France too!

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February 27, 2012
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March 12, 2012

Not Just Cycling at Cycling Magnolias – the best Canoeing in France too!

Cannoeing in the Tarn gorge Not long after settling down into my new life between South Africa and South West France I discovered the gorgeous Tarn gorge and its totally mind- blowingly stunning waters and rock formations. The canoeing experience is very well organised close to the Millau bridge (which also just so happens to be the tallest cable bridge in the world…) and consists of 4km, 8km, 12km or longer rides down either the Tarn or Dourbie rivers.  In addition to the long stretches of relatively flat waters over clearly visible fish and other friendly aquatic life there are some very cool faster and quite challenging (but never dangerous) rapids.  Many moments of hard and close to hysterical laughter to be had at the expense of those not so lucky getting down some of the trickier parts of the routes. 

One of the key attractions is the compulsory picnic lunch stop at any cool spot at Millau bridge the river’s edge.  All food, drinks and items are carried in the canoes…  Also extremely cool is to take the climbing shoes with and do a few of the short bolder climbs on the magnificent rocky sides of the river en route.  Bikinis also required for many dipping and swimming opportunities along the way.  The water is simply beautifully clean, clear and crisp.  Close to Millau is also the Roquefort village and the only Roquefort cheese caves on earth, well worth visiting energy permitting after a long day of canoeing in the sun.   Millau and Roquefort are just an hour’s drive from Plaisance and Les Magnolias and can be easily incorporated into the (not just) cycling itinerary…

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