Chapter 5 – Mt Mulanje to Zomba – Dietmar’s 7000 km Butterfly Safari

Chapter 4 – Tete to Mt. Mulanje – Dietmar’s 7000 km Butterfly Safari
April 3, 2012
Chapter 6 – Zomba to Cape Mac Clear – Dietmar’s 7000 km Butterfly Safari
April 10, 2012

Chapter 5 – Mt Mulanje to Zomba – Dietmar’s 7000 km Butterfly Safari

T I A B – Dietmar’s 7000 km Butterfly Safari

Chapter 1:  Beitbridge to Masvingo
Chapter 2: Masvingo to Chipinge
Chapter 3: Chipinge to Tete
Chapter 4: Tete to Mt. Mulanje
Chapter 5: Mt Mulanje to Zomba

After 3 days the local fuel station still hasn’t received any Diesel, but we are connected now. The boyfriend of the fat Australian knows a village friend (not yet married to a foreign lady), who has lots of Diesel, which he is willing to sell for 4 times normal price (about 8 US$ per liter). We want 120 liters and manage to get it for 5.50 US$ per liter. We are grateful, feel we have done a good deal and leave towards Zomba, which is close to Lake Malawi.

3 km before Zomba a police stop, the usual inquiry, TIP OK.  My driver’s license is in German and dated 1972, the photo slightly differs from how I look today. Normally they laugh, when I ask them “Can’t you see, it’s still me”, but this didn’t work now.  No return of my driver’s license for the moment.  And what about the 3rd party insurance.  Claudia proudly explained, how much she had paid for the global insurance and showed the OUTsurance statement about coverage on her Blackberry. I already saw dark clouds in the sky. “Can we call the insurance company ?” the police chef asked, after the police lady, who had stopped us, gave up to argue with Claudia. The “Of course” answer couldn’t be validated, as there was no signal, Blackberry could be faked, no printed copy and no “Yellow sticker” (whatever that is) on the front window. Penalty about 20 US$ not negotiable. We paid, got a receipt and my driver’s license back. Claudia was completely upset and could only be calmed down by the fact, that 20 US$ is still less than 50 US$, which would have been the price for the Malawian 3rd party insurance and the receipt would help us, not to pay again.

We had a nice drink at the Zomba Mountain Hotel with a great view over the lake, before we got trapped into the next police stop in Zomba, 62 km/h in a 50 km/hour zone. Not a real trap, I was just a bit too fast, maybe the drink was too strong ? But now it was my time. I angrily described our accumulated Malawi experience and that we would never come back. Furthermore we simply wouldn’t have the money left to pay the fine in Qwatcha (about 25 US$). Surprisingly he could understand my frustration, shared his political view with us about the actual president and his own situation being forced to take bribes to be able to feed his family. So he asked us, how much money we can or were willing to pay, Claudia answered something like 10 US$, which really was the last Qwatcha, we had. He said, that’s OK, but he would have to find a different crime, where he could relate the penalty to. We got a receipt, stating that one of the car lights wouldn’t work properly, and off we went with no Qwatcha left.

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